Bryan World Productions is Proud to Present ‘Roller Gurl’ A Multi Award-Winning Film, Directed by Indie Filmmaker/Author Bob Bryan

GV13 ROLLER GURL – A Complicated ‘Game-Time’ Love Affair executive produced by Bryan World Productions is a documentary film directed by multi award-winning Filmmaker Bob Bryan. ROLLER GURL is an insightful multi-dimensional look at this re-emerging complex Sport that has already swept across every state in the USA and flourishing around the world.

“GV13 is very well done, good pacing, and an accurate depiction of one of the lesser known sports. Filmmaker Bob Bryan did an excellent job using natural sound and numerous sources to tell the story. Obviously he put a lot of work into this documentary that’s a ‘must-see’ for anyone involved in Roller Derby, but would also be entertaining to the non-sports fan.” – Mike Scott, KSPR Sports Director

Set inside the secular underground world of today’s Women’s Roller Derby, the filmmaker probes the ‘serious’ gritty reality behind over three dozen Derby women of varying ages and sizes, who have chosen to adopt super-hero and in some cases anti-hero personas and attitudes to play this exciting, hard-hitting and incredibly difficult and fast-paced action sport.

“Roller Derby Gurls are tough-minded, intelligent women of all ages, psychologies, cultures and professions who have fiercely committed themselves to succeed in a grueling hands-on transformative discipline. These ROLLER GURLS have morphed themselves from working women during the day, into world class competitive warrior athletes by night,” observed Mr. Bryan.

GV13 Areas of Focus and Exploration:
• What is Contemporary Roller Derby?
• Fresh Meat (Starting out as a new skater/player)
• Junior Roller Derby (Ages 3 to 17 years old)
• Transformation and Women Empowerment
• Is Roller Derby a Real Sport?
• Training and Development
• Business Professional by day – Roller Derby Professional by night
• Offensive and Defensive Derby Strategies
• Sisterhood
• Why I joined Roller Derby?
• Therapeutic aspects of Roller Derby

Insightful and revealing, GV13 is a honest straight-up, no-frills, stripped-down documentary film about contemporary women who ignore societies naive programmed gender stereotypes regarding women’s lack of aggressiveness, physicality and strategic skill-sets.

“GV13 ROLLER GURL is probably not what people (non-derby) will expect in a derby documentary. It is however, at least from my experience, an excellent and dynamic portrayal of the girls behind the derby names. ‘Game-Time’ captures the Soul of Derby!” – Nerd Badger (Tracie Scott), Inter-league Relations, E-Ville Roller Derby League, Alberta, Australia-Member of Canadian Women’s Roller Derby Association

In this organized and rule-based world of Roller Derby, these women battle each other, deploying skilled defensive and offensive combative strategies that utilizes no balls whatsoever!

“You see, there’s no balls in Roller Derby. What makes Roller Derby unique is that the offensive scoring object is a girl with a star on the side of her helmet. Essentially, ‘the Jammer’ is the ball and she’s bowling thru all these players… We don’t need a ball, we’ve got a human!” – GoGo Gidget, Bench Coach and Player for Angel City Derby Girls (ACDG)

Professionally shot and sensitively directed by Bob Bryan, ROLLER GURL features the magnificent women of ‘Angel City Derby Girls’ (Flat Track league) and ‘Long Beach Roller Derby’ (Bank Track League) located in Southern California. Relentless Derby Action while intuitively embedded with an accessible, perceptive and incredibly thoughtful interview narrative. ROLLER GURL is a hugely intense, entertaining and a thought-provoking original production.

THIS IS ROLLER DERBY. Welcome to the Complex world of Contemporary Women’s Roller Derby. Available on Amazon Streaming Video and DVD