House Cleaning for the Pro’s: Kansas City Area


Do you ever see those photos in entertainment magazines of Hollywood A-listers spotted grocery shopping or running errands? You know, the ones with the headlines: Celebrities: They’re Just Like Us! Well I’m far from being a celebrity! Though, the cleaning business my husband and I started is famous (Kansas City’s Top-Rated Cleaning Service).

But you might be wondering if our house ever gets messy (and boy does it!). You’re definitely not alone if you feel up to your ears in cleaning chores. Laundry, dishes, and dust are just a fact of life. It’s hard to keep your house neat and tidy all the time, especially when there’s work and kids and pets to keep up with too.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Mess happens! Even we have days where we could use some help cleaning our own home. That’s why we want to share our Cleaning Chronicles from Casa de Myers.

Spoiler alert: If you think we haven’t seen it all, read on to find out how a few feathery friends tore our house upside down!

We’re Just Like You

We may not have the paparazzi to prove it but, we roll up our sleeves to tackle clutter and cleaning chores.  Let me give you a bit of insight into the daily happenings at Casa de Myers…

We’re your typical working, community-supporting, pet-loving, kid-filled family.

When we’re not running our cleaning business or setting up coaching clinics for the community, we have our own house to tidy.

Between sports, toys everywhere, and dogs that shed hair faster than we can vacuum, you can imagine just how messy our home can get.

Our family knows how important it is to keep a clean house, we even have a chore chart to keep us all on track. But, just like anyone else, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected.

Hand to heart, what I’m about to share with you really happened…

A few months ago I went away to Charleston for 7 days. When I came home, I discovered my teen girls had adopted THREE baby ducks!!

To find out more about our baby duck adventure head over to our blog, you won’t want to miss this story!