New AI service for flatfoot detection

Neural networks identify the symptoms of flatfoot on x-rays in Moscow hospitals. Thus, intelligent algorithms help in finding pathologies in 11 different fields now. It was announced by Ilya Tyrov, Deputy Head of the Moscow Health Department.

“Radiologists in Moscow can use artificial intelligence to recognize symptoms of flatfoot. The innovation simplifies and speeds up the diagnosis of the disease, as well as determining its degree. It allows doctors to save time by describing the norm and test results. Thanks to the increasing of the abilities of digital services, smart algorithms help in the search for diseases in eleven different fields.” – said Ilya Tyrov.

Scientists, engineers and medical experts are obliged to test artificial intelligence services before allowing it to analyze X-ray images of patients. The new service has successfully passed functional and calibration tests, says Yury Vasiliev, Director of the Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine:
“The integration of artificial intelligence systems into medical service helps to speed up the workflow, increase the productivity and solve the problem of staff shortages. Technologies are used as an assistant to a doctor. The AI services work just like the camera on your phone: the device will adjust ISO, focal length, shutter speed, and you only need to frame.

Moscow radiologists have been using artificial intelligence services for two years now. During this time, the accuracy and speed of their work was increased. Today, researches are open in 11fields, with the number of analyzed images exceeding 6 million.

The experiment on introducing computer vision into medicine was launched by the Moscow Social Development Complex and the city Department of Information Technologies on the basis of the Moscow Center for Diagnostics and Telemedicine. It has become a platform for the development of artificial intelligence technologies in Russia, as well as support for domestic developers.